Bachmann Microbrewery


Bachmann Microbrewery´s story is a tale of an immigrant hard working family and early settlers of the Argentine Patagonia.

The Bachmann family arrived in Bariloche in 1907 driven by the pursuit of a better future, alongside many European immigrants. Their entrepreneurial spirit was forged through many generations and today Bachmann´s beer can be enjoyed in their proprietary bars and also in bars all across the country.

Our work

Brand, Website, Packaging, Merchandise, Materials, Photography, Digital Advertising, Community Management, Print Advertising & Marketing.

The Challenge

Craft beer is a busy and competitive space in Argentina, with many local entrepreneurs driving a booming business. But it can be hard to make your mark and stand out from the crowd. They wanted to create truly unique and extraordinary experiences for their consumers. We helped them build a brand around their own heritage coupled with the local elements of a beer born in a small mountain town. We utilized original watercolor illustrations, brash colors, and bold typography to put across the story of passion and perseverance behind every pint of beer.

We have worked on all aspects of the brand: from logo design to packaging, development of unique can and bottle labels, store merchandise and signage, social media, website design and photographic and video productions.

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